Jun 7, 2011

Husband bashing-- it isn't right.

I hear and have read a lot of husband bashing lately.  I am not always thrilled with my husband and what he says.  When I am unhappy with my husband, I look at our wedding picture.  We both had the biggest smile and it reminds me of my love for him that day.  I cannot tell you how many times that photo has been the reason I have not said angry words to my husband.  I remember he is the man I promised to love through thick and thin.

What makes it okay to bash your husband if you are still husband and wife?  If you are going through a divorce, I understand it, unless you have children.  I understand about letting steam off, but why not keep it between the two of you?  Do you want people to think your husband is completely incompetent or the scum of the earth?  I guess I just don't understand it.  Even when you are all lovey-dovey, I may still remember what you wrote.

Sometimes just the look on my husband's face is enough to boil my blood.  I figure he has a right to get angry with me.  I wouldn't want everyone else knowing what a witch I was being to him.  There are always two sides to every story.   He works hard for us.  He is the only one in the family that gets a guaranteed paycheck every week.  All husband's do and say stupid stuff, but most women I know do the same.  If a man bashed on his wife like I have seen some wives do, there would be a price put on his head. 

Remember, if I do know the husband, I will either think he is a complete idiot or the basher is a judgmental piece of work.  People pick sides.  Next time you want to bash your husband in a public place, think about how you would feel if he was posting about you everywhere he could? 

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  1. Your family is very lucky to have you. I imagine the reverse is true too. :)

  2. Thanks mail4rosey! Sometimes I feel like I am the luckiest one in this family to have a wonderful husband and my son.

  3. Wow. Love how to see something in a private forum being put on blast outside of it.

  4. Alison, this is about a lot of people and PUBLIC websites... you can not honestly think that there is only one private forum that has husband bashing. There is FB, blogs, and twitter as well.

  5. Sus... I think husband bashing has become all too public lately. I hear it all the time and wonder what the husbands would do if they walked in. I'm pretty sick of male bashing too; there are wonderful men in the world, wonderful women, and we just need to make it work!