Jun 17, 2011

Grandparents were children too

My sisters and I, 34 years ago
Think about your parents and their life. Can you picture them running around and being carefree? It is a crazy picture, isn’t it? Your parents couldn’t have ever REALLY been children could’ve they?

They were the mature people in the family. There is no way that they could have ever been wild children who {gasp} were disciplined. They knew better than to talk back or say something mean. They were born knowing right from wrong. They never did anything where their parents had to punish them.

For some reason, my son never thought I was a child. I explained to my son that sometimes children need to be taught right from wrong, like my parents taught me. He said, “Whatever!” I laughed. I explained that I not only got in trouble, but sometimes I didn’t listen.

I was a child that would smile at my father when I was getting disciplined. Not because I wanted to smile, but it was better than crying. I lied to get out of trouble. One church member actually asked not to teach my Sunday School class because of me. I didn’t find that out until years later, but I can remember being disruptive in church. I stayed out past my curfew. I kissed boys. I got caught kissing a boy when I was 8 years old and got grounded from kissing anymore. It is a good thing my father forgot because I kiss my husband, A LOT.

I can remember running without getting tired. I can remember quitting because I was tired of always being it. I once punched a boy square in the lip and nose for calling me fat. Can you remember the good and bad of your childhood? I understand that Son isn’t always going to want to listen to me. I hope someday he will look back on his childhood fondly and remember how and what he learned from early life.

As parents, we need to remember that we were young once. We made mistakes. I think that is why some of us are stricter about certain things (such as kissing). You didn’t have the same experiences I did. We also have to remember that each child is different. What works for your child may not work for mine, but it doesn’t mean I am being a bad mother. It doesn’t mean you are being a bad mother either.
My 3rd grade picture
When I told my mom that Son thought I was always a grown up, she laughed. Then she told me her next thought was she never thought of her parents as little children running around. Imagine that! She is in her 60s 40s and never thought of her parents as being young. Your grandparents were young once too. They weren’t always the mature ones that could tell wise stories. They lived their life to get those stories. They can testify that your parents got in trouble. The great stories are the ones where you know your parents lived a life!

If you are fortunate enough to have your parents still, ask them about their childhood. Ask them if there is a reason why you weren’t allowed to throw the ball in the house. Ask them what their fondest childhood game was. Talk to your grandparents about their lives and your parents.

All of my grandparents are dead and how I wish I would have asked them about growing up. I remember my grandfather telling us stories about him in Boy Scouts. My grandfather was my hero. The Gold Miner. No one believed me, but he was. Of course, he was also a baker, but I thought the seasonal Gold Mining was so much more interesting to tell my friends.

Share this with your friends and family to let them know you were young.  You lived a life and have learned from the experiences in your life. Share stories with your loved ones so they will know that you have a story.  Let them imagine their parents and grandparents as children.  It may be a mental image that will make their day.

Can you imagine your parents being young? I would love to read comments about things from your childhoods that have affected some of the things you are stricter about. Do you believe there are many different ways for mothers to raise their child/children that are correct?

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