Jun 4, 2011

Didn't make my weight goal, but did lose weight and pant sizes!



My son is now 12 year old.  Six months ago, I made a plan to get back down to 254, which was the weight I was at when I had my son.  I am 14 pounds away from that goal right now, but I have lost one whole pant size and could SQUEEZE (muffin top) my way into a size 22.  I prefer to be comfortable though.  It is amazing... this is the second time I have tried to lose weight.  Last time I tried to lose weight, I kept 13 pounds off (over 8 years).  This time, I hope to stay under 270 and keep going. 

The next several months are going to be stressful.  We will be trying to sell our house and will be moving.  I hope that I can remember food is nutrition, not comfort or anxiety medication.  I would love to get to the point in my life again when I am not considered morbidly obese. 

For me, the biggest results seem to better facial structure, less thighs and hips and a little smaller in my stomach area.

Thanks to those of you who give me encouraging words!


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