Jun 14, 2011

The deer pooped its baby out

Some conversations are unforgettable.  The following conversation happened the day my son told me he saw a deer poop its baby out on television at school.

"Son, I can guarantee that it didn't come out of the rear," I told him.

"Yes, it did.  I saw it.  She pooped it out." The easiest thing to do would have been to shake my head and drop it.  Easy isn't always the answer.  He was so matter-of-fact.

"Honey, babies don't come out through where you poop."  You know that look on a child's face where they are trying to comprehend what you are telling them with what they saw.  That was the look on his face for several minutes.

"I came out of a hole on your leg,"  he finally said.  I thought it wasn't far from the truth, but I would tell him the actual location sometime before he got married.  The closer to the time he got married the better.

"Right, but I didn't poop you out and the mommy deer didn't poop her baby out.  Babies aren't poop"

Have you had some memorable conversations with your son or daughter?  Have you had to handle the birth talk yet?  I know my sister, who is single without children, gets a lot of questions from my son, nieces and nephews.  For those without children, what's the funniest question you have been asked?


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