Jun 23, 2011

Common Sense

"Don't you have any common sense?" or "Where's your common sense?"

Obviously you do have common sense since you are reading this.  With all kidding aside, it is something each American has heard at least once in their life.  Usually it is heard after a child, wife or husband has done something that doesn't show the highest form of intelligence. 

 Each of us has had different learning experiences, which leads to the common sense portion of our brain.  Some of my common sense includes:
  • Always cut away from yourself (seeing a finger nearly severed after a utility knife slipped)
  • Always wear shoes outside (after seeing a toe nearly severed from broken glass)
  • Never kick your Dad in the balls (pretty self-explanatory what can happen after that one)
  • When you think you are in reverse and you got frontwards, step on your brake.  (You are evidently in drive)
  • When you hear heads up, you cover your head (after getting hit in the forehead by a baseball)

My son's common sense portion of his brain is still growing.  It was 10 years ago he tried to make breakfast on the floor.  About the same time he threw a light bulb right as I was telling him it wasn't a ball.  He has never done either of those things again.
    My husband's common sense includes a lot of automotive things that the normal person like me could use.  However, I don't appreciate it when he lets me know that common sense would tell me that I shouldn't have tried to drive home with a flat tire.  (Just so you know, it is a REALLY bad idea to drive home with a flat.  My husband would have preferred changing the tire rather than the rim too.)

    What do you think of the term "Common Sense"? Do you think it is really as common as everyone thinks it is?  What is one thing you have learned that is common sense to you that you would like to share with the world?

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