Jun 25, 2011

Can't go back in time

Many times as a parent, I didn't let my son do things he wanted.  I thought they were unsafe.  I didn't see a logical reason why he would want to do certain things.  Then other times, I was a fun, illogical parent. I thought, "What would it hurt?" 

The images in the pictures are times I will never be able to return to.  These pictures were taken on the same day.  This is one of the times that I allowed my child to be a child.  Look at that big smile on his face. He didn't have a care in the world except for having fun. Now that he is 12, I will never be able to catch him playing with his umbrella.  I actually can't get him to carry an umbrella because apparently it isn't "manly".

I wouldn't have remembered this day if it weren't for my camera.  Thanks to the photos, I can remember where I was sitting and many more facts about our time outside.

Next time your child wants to do something that won't hurt them, consider saying yes.  By all means, take your camera because you can't go back in time to capture the moment.

Is it hard for you to let your children do things sometimes that they really want to do?  If this post inspired you at all, or you think it may inspire someone else to let their children do something fun, please share with the buttons below.


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