Jun 27, 2011

Things people without back pain take for granted

I suffer from back pain several times a month.  It is a part of my life that I am getting more and more used to.  I figure during one of those moments, I may as well tell you some of the things I take for granted when it doesn't hurt.

Wiping isn't always easy  It is something you need to do though.  You know it is rough when someone comes out and needs their pain med.  When my back doesn't hurt, I don't even think about this necessary thing.

Sneezing Darn those allergies and colds.  When I sneeze with backpain, I am pretty sure it equates to my contractions when they were 3 minutes apart.  I have felt like going and getting an epidural for sneezes.  At least when I had my child, I could show off the result of my pain and be proud. Who wants to see what's in the tissue?

Cooking  Tonight will definitely be a frozen food, take out or delivery night.  We all know we need to eat.

Walking When my back hurts, it takes everything I have to stand up.  Of course, to get to the bathroom it is faster walking than rolling.  

I hope that you all are feeling great!  If any of you have back pain right now, let me know what I left off the list above.

If you agree with this list, but never wanted to put it into words, why not share it?  


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