May 22, 2011

Save money on a vacation!

I saved over $400 on my vacation!

My husband, son, mother and I recently got back from a vacation to Washington, D.C., and the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. Staying in DC is VERY expensive, unless you know the tricks to get a great room. We stayed at the Marriott Metro in DC. The hotel room is usually $409, but we got it for $65 plus tax through priceline. We tried our $65 bid several times through the month, but finally got the price we wanted 5 days before our trip.

I always check out Groupon for their great deals too before going on a vacation. My son had wanted to go on a sightseeing trip down the Potomac. I was going to pay $35 for the Duck Tour, but instead got tickets for $16 each for the DC Cruise Moonlit tour. That was a savings for $64 for the four tickets.

After spending about 24 hours in DC, we took off to York to sleep so we could go to the Lancaster Amish area the following day. We saved $45 off our York hotel room with hotwire!

I cannot imagine paying full price for things online when we could save hundreds on a vacation. So, before you go on a vacation, try to save as much money as you can!


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