May 15, 2011

Random Thought about Supportive Wives

Think back to watching the Eliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton and Kobe Bryant talks when they admit to having affairs.  The one thing they all had in common was a gentle wife by their side.  While watching them men explain themselves on TV, I think what I would do in the same circumstance.  Have any of you ever thought about it?

Imagine me sitting/standing quietly at his side with an evil smirk on my face.  I would be a little teary eyed, and by the end of it, my husband would probably be teary eyed as well.  Anyway, I am skipping ahead of myself.  I imagine being calm and collected as he said, "I did have an affair but my wife and I are going to work through it."

I would change the norm of the supportive wife by my man's side look.  I am pretty sure I would step on his toe and say something to the fact of "What were you thinking!?".  Then I would let the person who had an affair with my husband know that she could have him because I wouldn't ever trust him to leave the house again... plus I am adamant that I don't want to get a STD in my lifetime. 

I may be the most hated woman in America by the end of the taping, or I could be someone's hero.  I cannot imagine how ashamed the husband's must be having to admit they cheated on public TV.  The women must be humiliated that their husbands did that to them.  I have known a couple of people who have been cheated on.  The majority of them have separated because they don't trust the man once he leaves the house.

If you like my scenario of what the next wife should do on TV, why not share this random thought of the day.  Do you have a different scenario that you would do if it were your husband?  Would you stay by his side?

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