May 29, 2011

My son is 12 today.

Twelve years ago today, I welcomed my son into the world.  It was a painful labor, but not long.  I was induced about 1 pm on May 28, 1999. I had my son at 4:38 am on May 29, 1999.  I remember introducing myself to him, "I'm your Mommy." Then he nursed.

The past year would be the year he has grown about 4 inches.  He also listens better, but is more opinionated.  He is starting to want the freedom to stay home by himself when I am running short errands or stay in the car when I am going into the store.  He likes his own music.  He favors his father over me, yet he still loves me.

I look forward to seeing what will happen now that he is on his last year to becoming a teen.  I hear those stories of teens gone wild, but I hope that by the end of his teens, he will still respect people older than him, and be smart enough not to follow people who are doing stupid things.

Do any of you have any advice on what to expect this next year? 

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  1. My two oldest boys both went a little crazy in the 8th grade, but both straightened out by 9th and the 23-yr. old is enlisted in the military, engaged to a wonderful woman, and lives a wonderful, happy life. My just-turned 18-yr. old is a perfect gentleman, graduates high school in a few days, just started his first job, and starts college in the Fall.

    My advice, love 'em through if it gets tough...for this too shall pass. :)

    Every age has such wonderful qualities, doesn't it??

    Happy Birthday to your young man!