May 12, 2011

I am feeling happy today because....

it's finally warm, sunny, and turning green!  I wait through the frigid fall and white, cold Winter for Spring time.  Spring time invigorates me.  This is the season I feel like cleaning my home.  Spring seems to unlock my optimistic younger self.

I try to find a reason to be happy every day, but lately that has  been hard for me to do.  I look around my house and KNOW it isn't ready to get on the market.  It seems every day that we don't finish my laundry room/bathroom combo, it is one less day that I will be moving to a place that is sunnier 100 more days out of the year.  For me, that is enough reason to move! 

I am also feeling happy because my body doesn't hurt as much as it did even a month ago.  I have had back problems since a car accident 9 years ago.  It is amazing how one instant can change ones life. 

I hope each of you can find one reason to be happy today.  I would love to hear what makes you feel happy!


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