Apr 18, 2011

We are examples

My husband, son and I were talking about what we hope for in Nevada when we finally get there.  My husband's request is to get a house that isn't a fixer upper.  He doesn't want to have to have costly projects that stress us out.  I hope that we have more nice days to get out of the house so we can go fishing, walking or camping.  My son's hope was "I want to have friend's that won't make fun of how I look."

I asked my M, "Do your friends make fun of how you look?"
"No," he replied, "but other children do."

I told him that I hope that children won't make fun of him either when we moved, but told him there are always jerks around.  I grew up in the place where we live now.  I moved here in third grade and graduated from high school here.  I was so excited to get out of here because the kids I went to school with weren't always nice.  Yes, there were nice ones, but the means one made my life a living nightmare.

One time my son pointed out one of the children who made fun of him.  I saw who his mother was, and it didn't surprise me that her son made children's lives difficult, because she enjoyed making people's lives difficult as well.  I told my son that he may have not been taught that it isn't right to say mean things.

I am the type of mother that has always made my son apologize if he said something rude.  There are other mothers that just hurry away as fast as possible.  Other mothers seem to hope that the person didn't hear them.  Then there are the mothers who are laughing and making fun of other adults.

Our children learn from us.  I am sarcastic and my son has picked that up from me.  It isn't a great trait, but it is completely my fault.  We need to teach them to be valuable parts of society.  Most parents would want their children to be accepted by their peers.  As our children turn into adults, I hope that we want them to be accepted in their workplaces without being a thorn.

I hope that we can move to a place where there will be enough nice children to make up for the mean ones that just haven't been taught any better.

Do you have any advice for a child who has to move to a new place and make friends?  Do you believe that there will always be children who are mean?


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