Apr 5, 2011

Being positive

There is a lot going on in my life right now.  My sisters, who are two of my best friends, moved two time zones away on the same day.  That was a day I had been dreading for a month.  I was suppose to go with them, but our house didn't sell and I couldn't leave my husband.

Our house has so much work we still need to do to it, but with little money and no savings because of my husband's injuries, we cannot keep up with it.  Our roof still has a blue tarp over it.  The laminate is torn off of the counter top in our kitchen, but we need to get the sink out.

Bad times like this sure does test my optimism.  I have to remember that we are lucky to have a roof over our heads that doesn't leak.  Even when it was leaking, at least we had a warm shelter to stay in.  I still have other friends and family that I can do things with.

Heavenly Father has promised us that life would be hard, but He would always be watching out for us.  These are the days that I am thankful for a Father in Heaven that loves each of us, even those that don't love Him.  These are the days that I am thankful I have parents on this earth that are healthy and love me.

On the days you are feeling down, instead of knowing everything that is wrong, try to think of the positive things in your life.  The one truth for me is that there is someone who is worse off than I am who I should try to help.


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