Apr 28, 2011

Be Thankful for What You have

I am upset about the destruction that the tornadoes yesterday caused.  The worst thing I had to worry about yesterday was finding my son the correct size cup to protect his future children.  While I was doing that, the television in the store was tuned into The Weather Channel.  At approximately 6 pm the storm was heading into Birmingham and had just wiped out part of another town.

Life can change in a matter of minutes, if not in a second.  Don't leave something for tomorrow that should be done for today.  If you have been wanting to talk to someone, call them today.  Give your loved ones a hug.  If you need to forgive someone, do it today.  You don't even need to let them know you have forgiven them. 

This is one of those times that I wish I had countless resources so I could go and hand out the food, water and other things that I could buy with money.  I know if the tragedy had happened in my town, that we would need some outside help.

Remember to be thankful for what you have.  That was the lesson I learned yesterday.


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