Mar 7, 2011

What to do when teachers won't stand up for students?

My son has been picked on every day in art class because of his weight. He wanted me to talk to the school about the problem, but I told him to talk to the teacher next time they started. Well, he took my advice and told the teacher, "They are taking my papers and making fun of me."

The teacher replied, "Don't pretend like you are innocent."

I am livid. I have been told my son will stick up for others when people are making fun of them, but has never picked on someone. What would make a teacher not stick up for a child when the child is obviously crying for help? If I were there, I can guarantee things would have been handled differently. When I send my son to school, I expect that he will be treated with the same respect that his father and I give him. If he tells me that someone is making fun of him, I will address that problem. If someone else tells me that my son has done wrong, I handle the problem.

Earlier in the year, my son got punched in the nose without the school doing anything about it. I know the school gives detention because my son has got it twice for not doing his homework. What is worse, being cruel to a child or not doing your homework? Not doing homework hurts the school's grade reports and my son's academic report but no one else. Bullying has life long consequences sometimes.

I will not let up the fight for my son's rights but I have a new fight against teachers who refuse to do anything.


  1. Keep a journal, every time your son comes home, write down what happened, teachers responses and the date. This will give you evidence to take with you. If the teachers and principals won't do anything, go further up to make a complaint.

  2. Bravo - keep standing up for your child...but while you "fight" the system, Debbie made an excellent suggestion. Write down everything that has happened, who you talked to, and what was not done by the teachers and administration.You may might want to think about pulling him out and homeschoolinb him until you get some satisfaction.

    Your son needs to be protected. Life in some public and private schools, can be a living hell for some children. I speak from experience, having had 10 children go from K-12 in public and private schools.