Mar 1, 2011

To New York State- Give me my tax returns!

I have to tell you how disappointed I am with my state's government.  Every week, my husband had his state taxes taken out of his check.  He didn't have a choice to give it to them at a later time, although when he was out of work with an injury for a couple of weeks we could have used the money on important things LIKE FOOD.  People who are getting a tax refund probably need it and it is owed to us because New York State selfishly took money they knew they weren't going to be able to pay back.  If we don't live by our budget, you know what, we suffer.  It is time to start doing cuts no one will like, but you know what, it needs to get done.  If I were a million dollars in debt, someone would throw my butt in jail.  I think we need a governor that will either take care of the deficit, or find someone that knows how to. 

Let me add, I live in the Western Southern Tier region.  You know, the area that politicians always overlook when they are thinking about growing New York State. There is more to this state then New York City, Buffalo and Albany. 

It seems that most of our politicians recently in Western New York have either liked to tickle grown men or flirt with single ladies.  If you want to act like an immature college boy, then don't run for office.

In short, make me happy.  Return my stinking tax money, or let us do an IOU when we need the money to make our household budget.

If you live in New York State and your taxes are being held, let me know about it.  Hopefully we can let our voice be heard and get our tax money back. You can use one of the buttons below to get the word out.


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