Feb 8, 2011

Not the gallbladder

After waiting nearly two weeks for my HIDA scan, I received my results.  My gallbladder is normal.  That would be good news, except the fact that I want to know what is causing the bloating, not hungry feeling I have had for about a month now.  The fact that I am moving and they want me to see a specialist doesn't go over well for me either.  I don't want a "pre-existing condition" on my medical records when I move, so I am going to have to wait until my husband gets the insurance.

Have any of you ever experienced a feeling where you eat a little amount (like a cup of yogurt) and you are not hungry for hours?  Then there is a pressure under both rib cages.  I am on Zantac to see if that will relieve the problem.

About 5 weeks til we move and a lot to do.  I don't have time to be feeling sick!


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