Jan 4, 2011

Top 10 ways I knew I was out of shape

Yesterday I decided I needed to start walking.  Today I went to the gym.  Here is my countdown of the top 10 ways I knew I was out of shape and I needed to get in better physical condition:

  1. A walk to the bathroom made my heart rate go to the aerobic conditioning level.
  2. It took me longer to catch my breath after going up 4 slights of stairs then it took me to get up the stairs.
  3. Christmas shopping was the most exercise I got all year.
  4. I could skip faster than I could run.  I have told my family if they see me skipping down the street, it isn't because I am happy, it is because I am skipping for my life!
  5. Going grocery shopping is my week's weight lifting, unless we count putting my computer down.
  6. When I need to get off of the couch, I need to rock back and forth until I get enough momentum to propel myself off of the couch.
  7. As I am walking up the steps at the local fitness center, I am pretty sure I could turn around because my heart rate is already beating so fast.  
  8. Children hide behind me when they are trying to hide from someone or something.  It isn't good when you can hide a whole brood behind you!
  9. Bending over is just as hard as doing a sit-up.
  10. Needing to sit down to tie shoes because there is no way I am going to reach them any other way.
Trust me, I NEVER imagined last year that I could get out of shape as fast as I did.  In December, I was sitting in a parked car, and a lady ran her van into the front of the car.   It damaged my shoulder, which is still healing now.  Before that dreadful day, I had been working out every day for 3 months and was in the best shape I had been in since college.  I want to get back into the best shape of my life, so I need to get off of my ever-so-comfortable couch and start exercising.

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