Jan 26, 2011

The ideal family vacation in the United States

I love traveling, always have and always will.  My son is an excellent traveler as well, which is a good thing because he had logged over 100 hours in a car by the time he was one.  I have already started planning my next vacation and want to share it with you.

We will be moving cross country and will be going by car.  I am going to turn that into our family vacation.  I have traveled the interstates we will be traveling many times, but there have always been things I wanted to see that I didn't get to see.  This time, we will also be traveling with two dogs, which makes traveling a bit more difficult.  We will also be staying in pet friendly hotels, which really cuts down on the choices.

We plan on leaving March 18th, which is a Friday.  We will be leaving first thing in the morning, which will probably be 9, but could be delayed up to 5+ hours.  Making a schedule and not keeping it stresses me out to the max.  I would rather not have a schedule that break it.  Now, back to the topic.  First we will be stopping in Kirkland to do some Mormon history tours.  The secret is out, I am Mormon.  I would like to see the Kirkland Temple and some other Joseph Smith history before leaving the land East of the Mississippi.  I hope that we can get out of there in under 2 hours because my big plans it to make it into Illinois by the first night. 

My next big step, if there isn't a big argument, is to stop and see the Mississippi River.  Not just drive over it and clap because we are in a new state, but actually get a picture by the Mississippi.  I think it would be great if we could find a ferry or steam boat to take us on a tour, but I may be pushing my luck because of the cost of finding a kennel for two dogs.   Let me mention that my husband is a flyer.  He has only drove as far East as Ohio, but has the entire East Coast states taken care of.   He doesn't know what he is in for once we get into Nebraska and Wyoming, or the never ending states.  I have tried to warn him when it says no gas for ________ miles, they aren't kidding.  And that just means gas, you may not get food.  (Now let me remind myself that I enjoy driving before I continue writing).

No more big plans for day two, however, I hope we will end up somewhere in Nebraska, but I may be pushing my luck and may have to settle for Iowa. 

Day three is a hard day.  It is the day of Nebraska and Wyoming.  For some reason, those always seem like the longest states.  I will hope for no tornado outbreaks or snow shutting down the interstate.  There is no way we will make it through both states, but at least getting into Wyoming is a momentous moment for me.   The good thing about Nebraska is they have Lincoln, which has a wonderful rest area.  We always stopped in Lincoln at a local grocery store and got chicken and potato salad.  So, guess what I will be hungry for.  I just hope it is near lunch time when we get there.  That is where we will stock up on some necessities (caffeine, chocolate, bribery snacks, caffeine).  Nebraska also happens to be the state of temper tantrums and mental breakdowns.  (For instance, when my 5 siblings, parents and I were traveling across county to California, that is where Dad would decide we had to turn around if we were bad.  For some reason we believed he may do it... that is, until we were old enough to know that a parents wasn't that crazy to endure whining when it would be faster just to get to California from there. )

Day four we will make it to Salt Lake City and Ogden.  I have heard of this land called Chuck-O-Rama (not sure if I am spelling it correctly, but that is how it has always been envisioned in my brain).  My sister wants to stop there and let us stuff ourselves until we promise we won't eat again until we get to Carson City, Nevada.  Oh, plus I mentioned I am Mormon.  Guess what else we will be doing?  The Salt Lake City Temple Grounds Tour.  I get bored after awhile if I have done it once, but my husband hasn't ever been there.  I will try to remember that I should let him do things he wants to do.  I may have to come back and read this when he wants to do something I don't want to do.

I hope while we are in Salt Lake that we can get a kennel or dog sitter for the dogs.  By this time, they may want some peace and quiet.   I would love to stay in a more upscale hotel, with a hot tub and swimming pool.  By Day four, I may want spa treatment.  My son may be shaking from not playing his gaming systems so possibly we can plug those in.  My husband will remember why he loves working so much.

Blessed day four will arrive and we will finally be to our destination.  I am not sure if I have told you before, but I love getting to my final destination!

My husband may never let me get him in a car again, unless he knows we can get back out in 2 hours or less.  My dogs probably won't be happy on another car ride again.  And my son, well, he is easy to bribe with the words ROAD TRIP!  After all, how soon we forget the bad and remember the good.  It will be an awesome family vacation/move.

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