Jan 24, 2011

How to make sure Facebook isn't picking the statuses you see

I noticed awhile ago that some of my friends were not writing as often as they use to.  I wasn't see as many status updates as I use to either.  Well, yesterday I went to make sure that I didn't have any friends blocked, or on ignore, and what I found astonished me.  Facebook has a new setting that says "Show posts from friends and pages you interact with most" that was checked.

I am going to share the steps with you to make it so you can see all of your friends and pages status.  I hope that you will share this with you friends, and they will share it with their friends, so we can all read the statuses again.

(I applied the yellow highlighter and red ink below)

First, when you login to Facebook, you will see the Top News or Most Recent in bold at the top of your page.  (Please see image below)

If Top News is not in bold, please click on the hyperlink and Top News with be in black bold letters.

Now, scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see Edit Options. Click on Edit Options. (See image below.)

Now, you should see a screen that looks like the following:
 Make sure to click on either Friends and pages you interact with most (which will not show you what everyone writes) or All of your friends and pages (which will show you everything).  I decided to click on "All of your friends and pages" so I could see people I have been missing for awhile now.

If you want to share this, please use either the Tweet or Like button below.  Was this useful to you?  I know I wish someone would have told me about this before.

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  1. Fakebook has changed the options again. This is now impossible to do.