Jan 2, 2011

Double Standards of Parenting

I wanted to go to my Mom's today and I wanted to go immediately. I didn't want to wait for my son to finish his game so he could save it. My son asked, "Mom, how come when you say something, I need to do it right away? When I want something, you can say, wait until I am done."

Pause-- long pause! My, my, little M had a great point. Why do children have to be logical as they get older. Why can't Mom always be the most beautiful, all knowing creature I was when he was 2 and 3 years old. I couldn't do anything wrong. And now, when I do something wrong, he points it out.

I finally answered, as he is looking at me with his all impatient face, and answer, "I guess I should stop doing that to you, huh?"

"Yes, because it isn't fair," he answered.

Why do I think I have the right to expect him to jump up and do something when I ask him, and when he asks me I tell him to wait until I am done doing whatever I am doing. He is far more important than anything else I do.

Thanks, little man, for pointing out things that bother you. I am fortunate enough that M feels comfortable enough to bring up injustices that he sees in his life. It gives me one more thing to work on to become a better parent.

I think that everyone who is older, more tenured, or in a position of authority should remember not to expect something of someone else if they wouldn't be expected to do the same thing.

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