Dec 6, 2010

Why would a dog need a sock to go outside?

Last Thursday morning, at about 1 am, I let my dog out back in our fenced area to do his business and get some exercise.  When he came in, he came and laid on the couch and kept licking the back of his leg.  I looked at it and immediately felt faint.  He had a gash down to the bone.  He was walking fine, wasn't whining, just licking.

Of course, I run upstairs and wake my husband up and explain what happened.  I told him that I didn't know what happened.  He came downstairs and agreed with my assessment that we had to call the ER Vet.  The ER Vet asked if it was bleeding.  Miraculously, it was bleeding a little bit.  He told us to wrap it with gauze pads, tape, and put antibiotic into the wound.  We were fortunate that we had everything to wrap it with because of my husband's ankle surgery.  Okay, perhaps we can't count ourselves lucky, but at least we had the stuff.  The vet told us to go first thing in the morning.

Riding with Dobby isn't an easy thing.  He has a whip for a tail and I got whipped in my face once.  He also cries whenever he is in a car, so the 20 minute ride wasn't pleasant for either of us.  We FINALLY get to the vet.  I am told that he will need surgery.  We were able to bring our drugged dog home at 1:30 pm, but he needs to wear a sock when he goes outside so his bandaging doesn't get wet. 

For the imaginative: Dobby is a hyper 5 year old Pitt/Lab mix.  He looks at me with very curious eyes as I walk over to him with a sock. I have all the faith that he is going to know he is hurt and I am doing this for his own good. The fight of wills ensues.  He rolls, pulls his feet under him.  I try to roll with him to get the sock on.  Victory for Dobby!  I try a different tactic.  I try to put the sock on while he is laying on his side.  I get the sock on, he staggers and sock comes off.  Victor 2 for Dobby.  This time, I grab a hair tie and put the sock on as fast as possible and put the hair tie so it won't come off.  Dobby looks at his sock and isn't impressed.  Victory for me.  Then my Golden Retriever wants the same attention, but he is sockless.

Currently, Dobby will only allow me to put the sock on him.  I asked my son to do it.  Dobby was victorious.  My husband tried every tactic and Dobby was victorious every time.  I now wonder if Dobby will want a sock on every day.

If you would like to comment, please do!  I love hearing people's insights.  Have you ever had to do something that sounded easy, but wasn't, to protect one of your pets?


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