Dec 29, 2010

My battle of losing weight

This is a hard time of the year for me.  I LOVE food!  I don't just eat it to survive, I eat it because it tastes delicious and has an anti-depressant feeling for me.

On Christmas Eve, I was good (compared to last year).  I consumed two large pizza pieces, two boneless wings, two Cherry Sierra Mists, 4 donuts, 2 pieces of fudge and more pop.  Looking back, I don't think I had any water.  It was good food.  However, my stomach doesn't handle food like that well.

I need to start taking better care of my body for my son.  He is 11 and I would like him to have a mother until he is at least 100--okay, at least until he is 40 and can take care of himself.  

I haven't stepped on the scale this week, but when I do, I will let you know if I am up or down.  I haven't been to the YMCA this week to exercise either.  Seriously, I need to take it slow so I don't end up having a heart attack from going sedentary lifestyle to exercise maven.  I guess I need to find a good balance in life.

The picture at the top (not a great picture) is me walking my first 5K on July 4th.  As I look at it, I am not impressed that I am hiding a complete human behind me.  In a matter-of-fact, I am a great hiding place for my 11 yr old son and nieces and nephews.  I have repeatedly told them that it isn't flattering to be the best hiding spot in the house.  

My goal for this week is to start eating nutritiously... stop buying food because it tastes great, but because of the nutrients it can give me and my family. 


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