Nov 12, 2010

My husband does need another surgery.

My husband's surgery is scheduled 11/15. The doctor told him that the metal must be trapping the bacteria so his leg cannot heal.  For those that haven't been following my blog, my husband broke both sides of his ankle on May 29th.  He went in for surgery on June 3rd.  He went back to work August 26th.

The doctor told him he couldn't wait until Thanksgiving, that the sooner he got the metal out, the better.  I wish I would have been at the appointment with my husband because I would have asked what the rush was.  Instead, I am imagining that if he didn't get it removed, he may lose his leg.  I cannot imagine losing my husband due to an infection.

This time the doctor told my husband he would only be out for 2 weeks.  It is amazing how far back two weeks of no money can put a family!  The Lord has always provided for us so I know He will not let us down this time.

For anyone who reads this, I hope that those you love remain safe and pain free.  It is difficult to watch someone you love in so much pain and not be able to do anything to help.


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