Nov 26, 2010

My Black Friday Shopping Experience

I now remember why I don't like to go out Black Friday shopping.  The reminder happened as I pulled into the Walmart parking lot at 12:06 a.m.  I was optimistic and went to my favorite parking aisle, the one where I can usually get a great parking spot.  As I drove s l o w l y down the aisle, pleading with God to let me find a great parking lot because my back hurts, I was reminded that some answers to prayers is NO.  The answer to my prayer must be that I need exercise, because I had to walk more than a football field to get to the doors.  Yes, that is exercise for me.

I courageously kept walking forward and soon found a mess of people.  I was one of the lucky souls that didn't have a cart, or I would probably still be stuck at the front of the store.  I tried to SQUEEZE my body through, but I would have needed butter to squeeze my round, overweight figure through anyone.  I watched as the skinny girls could actually squeeze between the carts.  That is when the idea of dieting crossed my mind.  Yep, I need to go on a diet, yet I am so frustrated I feel like eating a whole package of mini chocolate donuts myself.

So, I finally pass where everyone is waiting for their electronic tickets and try to find Buzz Lightyear.  Yes, the $12.96 Buzz.  Guess what... I found one alright.  Just one.  VICTORY.  That is the most victorious I have felt since I got my last email that I actually won a prize.  That is the only way I can explain my feeling of pure jubilation!  I felt like waving it over my head and jumping up and down, but I am pretty sure that someone would have stole it right out of my greedy little hands. 

Was I crazy to go to Walmart for only one item?  Perhaps?  This is my rationalization.  My sister couldn't stay up and I hope that when my nephew opens Buzz, he will have the same feeling I had when he finds it, except I hope he throws him arms up in victory and waves that Buzz Lightyear all around.... after all, it took an hour of his Aunt's life to secure the winning package.

Did any of you go out?  Do you feel frustrated or overwhelmed?  Am I the only one that thinks about losing weight so I can fit between the carts?


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