Nov 4, 2010

Hoping my husband doesn't need another surgery!

My husband's ankle hasn't completely healed since his operation on June 2nd.  However, his employer let us know if he didn't return to work by the end of August, that my husband would get to find another job.  So, my husband has been working in pain, with a leg would that is still open and swollen so he can provide for my son and I.  I love that man more than I can put into words!  It makes me appreciate him so much more than I think I have ever appreciated him in the past.  I know his ankle hurts so much that it makes his eyes water, yet he still provides for my son and I.

I wish there were a money tree growing so I could take care of him for once!  He deserves so much more than what life is giving him right now.  I truly believe that we go through trials sometimes to teach us a lesson, or make us stronger, but his body has been through so much.  Less than 3 years ago he had to have two surgeries to fix a problem with his shoulder.  He was off of work for 1.5 years and he did get fired from his previous employer.  Thankfully he should be a MD of cars, so he got hired quickly and with more pay at the new place.

It is hard financially trying to get back on our feet from an eleven week stint of only disability.  I feel selfish for knowing how it will ruin our finances once again.  On the other side I know that they may have to take out the metal from his leg since his body just isn't healing around it.  Why does he need to go through this pain again?

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  1. Hugs I so understand and your husband is a wonderful man men like that are hard to find.

    Hopefully he heals soon and you both can get back on your feet

    My hubby gets laid off for 5 months in the next week or two so I know exactly what it's like to have to struggle with low income HUGS