Oct 21, 2010

What wouldn't you do for $1,000,000?

Recently I read about the streaker who streaked at President Obama's speech. He did it so he could get $1,000,000 from a billionaire. As I was telling my brothers and sisters about it, my sister said that she would too. I was SHOCKED intrigued by the fact that my sister would do something like that. Of course my parents were in the room. My sister asked, "Well, for a million dollars, wouldn't you?"

It made me think. I told her "Of course I wouldn't. I am too fat!" Is that my only reason for not doing it. I would like to think I had morals so even if I were fit and in great shape like my sister I still wouldn't do it. My husband wouldn't do it either... unless he lost weight.

My parents both agree there is no way they would do it for a million dollars. My twin sister is pretty sure she would do it for a million if she got into good shape.

My family and I like to hypothesize all the time. So, we discussed what we wouldn't do for a million dollars. For $1,000,000 I still couldn't skydive, base jump, eat raw meat, drink urine or do anything against the ten commandments.

So, would you streak for $1,000,000. Is the only reason you wouldn't because of your body image? What else wouldn't you do for a million bucks?


  1. What a funny topic!

    I have to admit that even with my not-so-hot body image, I'd still probably streak for $1,000,000... as long as there weren't cameras to put it on TV or in the papers. That's way too much money to pass up! The horrible embarrassment would be over fast enough and then I'd have all that money? Sign me up! :)

  2. Hilarious Xenia! I guess I should tell you part of the deal was that it had to be on Fox news... which it was. Still, with $1,000,000, people would probably think you were a genius.