Oct 18, 2010

The Small Task to Make My Son Happy

As mothers, fathers, and caretakers, our happiness rests a lot on our child's happiness. It is just part of our soul to want our children to be as happy as they deserve to be. Every child deserves more happiness in their life than any other emotion.

Tonight I asked my son what I could do to make him happy tomorrow. His simple answer was to pick him up from school tomorrow. School is about 4 blocks from my house. He is 11, he has been walking to and from school since the beginning of the school year. My first thought was "It is ONLY four blocks. That cannot be too far to walk." I didn't say what I was thinking, instead I told him I would pick him up. He smiled. It seemed too simple of a task to make a difference in his life. Then I realized that sometimes it is those simple things that show them we love them.

His answer made me think about the simple things we can do to make our children happy. We know our children better than anyone, but sometime if we ask them what we can do to make them happy, we may be surprised.

When he was a young child, all I had to do was play roll the ball or play cars with him. A couple of years ago all it took was playing a board game with him. Now he is a bit more technical so it involves letting him read a book, playing a video game, or letting him cook.

I am finding as he gets older, I don't need to entertain him as much. Part of me wishes that he needed me to be a part of his life more than he does. I also realize that this is part of our children growing up. He questions me more, asks me more complex questions, and finds his own happiness. Sometimes he even tells me I am wrong about something. Yes, as children get older, they don't believe everything we say. Sometimes they are right that we are wrong.

I realize that I have done everything I have so he can be a functioning part of society that will be independent and not need me to do everything for him. I am raising him to be a wonderful husband and father. I am raising a future employer or employee.

It amazes me that we make our children happy so that someday they will make our grandchildren and everyone else around them happy. Happiness is such an important part of life. So, if all I have to do is pick him up from school to make his day special, I am willing to do that.

The happy memories of my parents always involve laughing and just spending time with them. I don't remember the presents they bought me as much as I remember them taking time out of their life to be with me. I have a large family, but they always made sure to let each of my brothers and sisters know they were loved.

I want each of you to take the time to do something special for your children today. If you don't have children, take the time to do something special for someone else you interact with.

For those of you with small children, cherish spending time with them. Don't get angry at them, it isn't worth the heart ache you will feel later. We need to remember that they need us. Everyone needs to be happy.


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