Oct 14, 2010

Signs my son isn't just growing up, he is more mature

My son is 11 years old.   He is still so young, but I am seeing becoming a kind young man right before my eyes. For those with younger children reading this, you will understand when I say that we hope that all the hard work we have put into raising our children shows when they get older.  For those with older children, you realize when they start to become that person you know will grow up into a nice adult. 

Today he found out his Grammy wouldn't be coming this week because of her surgery, but would be coming for Halloween instead.  He didn't cry because she wouldn't be coming.  Instead, he said, "If Grammy can't go trick-or-treating with me, then I am going to stay home." That is a true selfless act for my son.  He loves junk food.  Halloween is the holiday that we look forward to because of free candy.  I am proud that he loves his Grammy more than chocolate.  I am proud that he will put others feelings before his own feelings. 

Another example of him growing up is when he goes to my parents, he actually has some conversation with them before he goes off and does the fun things at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  My younger nieces and nephews will scatter to all rooms in the house, but my son actually wants to sit down and talk to them.  He even asks to help them out, instead of waiting to find out what they may need help with.

I love my little man so much.  I have worried about raising a son who would be a great part of society and make good choices.  It is rewarding to know that he knows what to do to help other people.  I don't know how much influence I have had on him to be this good of a child, but I am one of the lucky mothers who is seeing her son as a great member of society. 

I hope that as he gets older that we won't have too many issues that will cause strain between us.  I hope that we will always be able to talk through anything that is on our mind.  I know that eventually he will want to date and go out with his friends.  Driving will be a whole issue that I am glad I don't have to deal with for at least another 4 years.   He is my only child, so when he moves out, I am going to be a young empty-nester.

For any of you that have older children, what are some pointers you can give me for dealing with some of the issues that will be coming up?  For those with younger children, do you have any questions that you would like help with from people with older children.  The great thing about the internet is there is always someone that has probably been through what you are going through or will be going through. 


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