Oct 28, 2010

My son got punched in the nose.

Yesterday when my son got home from school, he told me that he got punched in the nose.  His nose was swollen, but not bloody.  He got punched in the nose between 9:30 and 10:30 am.  He got home at 2:50 pm.  I spent the next couple of minutes calling my doctor to see if his nose could be broken from a single punch from another 6th grade boy.  They let me know it is possible.

Let me back the story up.  My son has always been in the 99% for height and weight.  He is a gentle giant, always has been and hopefully always will be.  It was 3rd period and the boys were having physical education class in the swimming pool.  My son dove down to get the toy off of the pool floor, when he must have accidentally hit the foam board which hit the child under the chin.  When my son came out of the water to say sorry, he got decked in the nose.  Another child told the Phys. Ed. teacher.  Both boys were sent down to the principals office.  My son also got to see the nurse.

Instead of going directly to the Urgent Care, I first brought my son into the school so both of us could find out what the child's punishment was that punched him in the nose.  I asked the Vice Principal, "What is going to happen to the child who punched M in the nose?"

"______ has an anger issue." 
"Really," I thought sarcastically to myself, "I already knew that."
The Vice-Principal continued, "This is a child who walks around like this {action showing head towards the ground}.  He has self esteem issues.  If I thought he were violent, I would have had him arrested."
I asked the principal, "If it would have been reversed, and my larger son would have punched the smaller child in the nose, what would have happened?"
The VP thought for a second, really looking like he was pondering the question and said, "We take each incident into consideration.  Your son has never done anything to any other child."

So, here are my questions, how can you punch a kid in the nose without being violent? I am not sure I wanted the 6th grade child arrested, but certainly a detention or something seems like a punishment rather then just a imaginative slap on the back of the hand.
The issue irritating me today as I think about it: Why didn't the school call me to tell me what happened?  Where they hoping that my son and I don't have the relationship where he tells me just about everything?

At the Urgent Care, we found out that his nose isn't broke.  It is just bruised and swollen.  My poor son couldn't even eat during lunch yesterday because it hurt too bad to bite down on anything.  He was terrified to go to school today, but we made him anyway since he can't be scared of going to school. 

I told my son that he cannot be mean to this child and he can't let his friends be mean to him either.  If it is as simple as a self-esteem issue, then having friends should cure that problem.

What would have you done if it were your child? 
I am thankful that my son didn't punch the child back or hold his head under water.  In a matter-of-fact, I am glad the other child only punched my son in the nose instead of trying to hold him under water.

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  1. I seriously think you should call back the school and complain about them not informing you of the incident. Mention that you had to bring him to Urgent Care. A child getting punched when inside a pool is not a good thing and yes the other child should be punished in some way even if he is a child with low self esteem. Low self esteem is no excuse to lash out physically at others. I had extremely low self esteem as I was growing up but I knew that hitting was wrong. You have the right to be heard. Tell the principle straight up that you think the other child should get detention. But that is just personally what I would do.

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