Oct 10, 2010

Bullying, it needs to stop

This is a personal post.  I was tormented and harassed every single day I went to high school.  The kids who did it were bullies.  On one occasion I remember having my head slammed in my locker.  I was over-weight and didn't wear brand name clothing.  I also didn't stick up for myself, so I was an easy target.  I could go home and had a family I could talk to about anything. 

I didn't like going to school.  As I got into my junior and senior year, I skipped school a lot.  It was easier for me to get in school suspension for skipping school than it was to be in the general public at school. 

Now, fast forward 17 years.  I am a published book author (it only had 100 printed, but still, pretty cool to have my name in print!).  I have a husband I have been married to for over 11 years.  I have a wonderful 11 year old son.  We own our home.  My son is very well-liked at school and is excellent at sports.  I can tell you that life gets better after high school.  I had so many friends once I got to college, but it wasn't easy breaking out of my box.  I didn't tell anyone what happened to me in school until people started telling me how unpopular they were in school.  I had some friends that were very popular in high school that were friends with me in college.  They couldn't believe the torment I endured in high school.

This post is to let people know to not end their life because of high school.  Don't drink and do drugs to dull the pain.  Go to college and find friends that you have something in college with.  Reinvent yourself!  If you are that depressed that you are thinking about hurting yourself, talk to someone. 

As adults, we need to toughen the bullying laws in our city and schools.  We need to let the children know how important they are to us!  Perhaps it will help one child if we share our stories of high school and life after high school.


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