Sep 14, 2010

Putting our house on the market

It has come to the point where we are almost ready to put our house on the market and let people come see it.  This is where my many 100s of hours watching DIY and HGTV have paid off.  I know people don't want to see my clutter, my pictures on the wall, or paint colors that I like... they want to see this as their home.  This home has been my son's home since he was 3. 

I hope that the house sells fast.  I hope that the next people who own it will love the feeling and atmosphere of the home.  You know when you walk into a home and some homes have a warm feeling and some homes make you feel cold to the bone?  Well, this is one of the warm feeling homes.  There have been a lot of laughs, a lot of tears.  A home isn't just the four walls I have realized, it is what we put into the home.

I hope that the house sells fast so we can start the next adventure of our lives.  I pray that the move will be good for my son.  I pray that he will make friends fast. 


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