Sep 30, 2010

Oh, when my child is sick!

My son was diagnosed with pneumonia nearly two weeks ago.  It seemed like he just had the bronchial cough.  Then he got the fever that wouldn't go down.  My son has an enzyme deficiency which makes his body not tolerate Motrin, so we have to use only Tylenol.  We spent many hours at the hospital and Dr.'s office trying to get the fever under 102 degrees so we would go home.

His lungs still haven't healed all the way, but at least he can walk to the bathroom or to his room without having asthma problems.

The best part of my day starts as soon as he gets home from school, then only gets better when my husband gets out of work.  It is challenging having a sick child though.  A normally tranquil child; he starts to get bossy and cranky faster.  I love being able to do things for him, so it isn't a problem to make sure he has whatever he will drink.  He was so sick that he wouldn't eat and cried with little provocation.

I found the cheap thermometer worked just as well as the $40 thermometer, so that will save me money in the future.  I also learned that he will drink generic Ginger Ale just as well as the name brand Ginger Ale when he is sick. 

I look forward to being able to go on a walk with him soon.  Children are so precious. 


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