Jul 30, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have been having a lot of random thoughts. Perhaps it is because Western New York had four tornadoes last weekend (unheard of). Perhaps it is because of the dam failure in Iowa. The remarkable thing is that no one was killed. Yes, lots of damage, but things can be replaced. People cannot be.

I have wondered what the things would be that I would save if I needed to. Well, last weekened when I was in my basement for about 45 minutes, I had my laptop, some water, food and my dogs. I guess that I would worry more about survival than things. Thank goodness my husband and son were on a roadtrip so I wouldn't have to worry about them.

I also believe in the Second Coming. I believe that Jesus will literally show himself and reveal He is the Saviour. I wonder how close He is to coming again. Everything that is prophesied could happen within hours... it may not give us enough warning to "prepare our souls".

Also, with my husband being off of work, we are living on his $170 disability check plus whatever I can bring in a week. Right now I am miraculously working at least 32 hours a week, which has been virtually unheard of for me in the past. I am a self-employed woman.

I am excited for my husband to get back to work. I have seen my selfish side. I like my quiet time. At least with my son home there isn't anyone that can tell me what to do. I kinda like being able to clean when I want, not having someone trying to direct my time. I also remember he is the man I decided to marry. He is the man I love, but boy do I like making my own decisions.

What items would you bring with you to save from a storm?


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