Jun 10, 2010

When we send our children to school

I have been thinking a lot lately about what happens when we send our children to school.  When I send my child to school, I believe he will be taught education lessons.  I believe the faculty and staff will treat him like the precious miracle he is.  I believe that if something happens at school, that their privacy should be protected.

Somethings I find disturbing are taking away a child's freedom to choose, automatically thinking a child is guilty without listening to both sides of the story, judging children on clothing worn, talking about children and not respecting their privacy, and teachers making fun of students in a classroom.

On the other hand, there are some teachers that love their job and are very good at it.  They are the teachers who respect the children and listen to both sides of a story before punishing a child.  They would NEVER talk bad about a child.  If they have to punish a child, they punish the child but still make the child feel important.  They go into school knowing that the students may not be perfect, but they are still very important people.

I am wondering about all those people that home school their children.  Is it so they can get the love that they don't get at school?  Is it because they had bad experiences at school?  I wish I could teach my son what he needed to learn at home.


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