Jun 16, 2010

Today was a great day!

I am trying to find the positive things in life right now.  Today, my husband got his cast off.  The stitches were disgusting, but it is one step closer to going back to work now.  Yep, only about 2.5 months until he can go back--do I sound excited?   The incision on the outside of his leg is about 7 inches long.  The incision on the inside of his ankle was only about 3 inches long.  The outside is where the plate went.  The inside is where the screws went.  As my son said, "He is screwed and he can eat whenever he wants now."  Yep, an 11 year old's sense of humor is great.

We also had some Target giftcards, so we were able to get my son some much needed clothes.  The t-shirts there were only $5, clearance jeans for $14, and shorts for $9.  My husband was also able to pick out 2 t-shirts and a pair of shorts.  It was the first time I ever shopped at a Target.  I was impressed with the men's clothing (my son fits into men's clothing), but wasn't impressed with the Women's clothing.  I am wondering if all Target stores only have about 30 sq ft for plus size women?  Heck, only about 20 plus size women would fit in there at the same time.... anyway, getting back to the positive.

My son had a baseball game.  The team won!  That is positive since they have only won about 1/3 of their games. M hit a ball, it got caught, but he hit it!  Always a plus when he makes contact with the ball and it goes in the right direction.

I am so thankful for my son and husband.  My son brings me so much joy!  He is the best sport that I have ever seen.  If he gets out, he doesn't cry or throw his bat.  He doesn't fight with the ump.  He shrugs his shoulders and tries to do better next time.  My husband is such a hard worker.  I know right now he is worried how ends are going to meet, but I know the Lord will help us with what He thinks we need.   My husband is also the most amazing auto technician anyone has met.  Everyone seems to recommend the dealership where my husband works because they know Roland has been trained and is highly qualified.  He actually gets it right the first time, perhaps 2 or 3 comebacks a year if he is having a bad year.  I am done bragging about my family.  I love them.  I need to remember the good things that are happening so I don't get caught up in the worry game.


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