Jun 4, 2010

For Better or Worse

My husband will be off of work for three months due to his ankle injury and surgery.  For me, that is not the better part of marriage.   We have been married 11 years.  I have found that I like my time when I can enter giveaways, play on twitter and facebook, and then do my household duties within minutes of him coming home.  When he is home, he finds out all my dirty secrets, like I sit and watch "Drop Dead Diva" or play Bejeweled Blitz like it is going to end tomorrow.

This is another learning lesson that I need to love him even when he is home with me all day.  I would rather be on a vacation for three months, but with him being the main money earner, a vacation just isn't going to happen this year.

I need to remember that I need to love him even when he is telling me "I REALLY NEED MY PAIN MEDS" and he isn't being so nice to me.

I need to remember this is just a little glitch in a happy life.  Next year hopefully we will be able to laugh about it.  At least if he isn't laughing, I will be.

I just keep telling myself that God knows what He is doing.  There has to be a reason this is happening.  Either to strengthen our marriage, make me less selfish, or test our faith.   

Roland, I love you for better of for worse.  I like the better more though.


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