Jun 1, 2010

All Natural Log Cabin Syrup

 Picture taken from http://logcabinsyrups.com

Have any of you stopped putting syrup on pancakes or waffles because it drowns out the taste?  If so, run to the store and find All Natural Log Cabin Syrup.  You will find that the taste is still delicious, yet you can taste the flavor in the food as well.  It blends with the food you are eating, without covering up the flavor.

My favorite part of the syrup is it is all natural.  It is gluten-free!

We had the syrup with chocolate chip pancakes.  My nieces, nephews and son love chocolate chip pancakes.  They also love slathering on the syrup.

The syrup should be in all stores by July.  Log Cabin has removed high fructose corn syrup from all their products.  If you decide to use All Natural Log Cabin syrup, you can be sure that you are starting your day off right.

"People have become increasingly aware of the ingredients in the foods they eat and are moving steadily toward all-natural and organic products," says Stefan Aps, Marketing Director for Pinnacle Food Group.

The best part of this is the price.  The suggested price for 22 oz is $4.99.

I believe that you will enjoy the taste and healthy choice of All Natural Log Cabin syrup as much as I did!

DISCLAIMER: I received the All Natural Log Cabin syrup free of charge.  However, I did not need to give a positive review to receive the product.  The opinions are mine.  I was not paid for this review.


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