May 14, 2010

My son lost another pound this week!

I am so proud of my son.  He has been eating healthy, hasn't had soda pop or chips and has really started picking up his physical activity.  He has lost another pound!  He is right on target to lose the 15 pounds he wants to by July 4th.

For those that aren't aware, he decided about a month ago that he wanted to get healthier and lose 15 pounds.  I think it is a great target for him!  He lost 5 the first week by not drinking pop and a little change in his diet.  Trust me, he is still eating enough to keep his little body going.

The doctor had told M that he needed to lose weight, so it wasn't something that we are doing.  Always talk to a pediatrician before deciding your child needs to lose weight.  There are so many issues that parents of bigger children need to deal with.  We need to keep our children's self esteem intact, but we also need to keep them healthy. 

If there are any other parents out there that need to help their children lose weight, I recommend They are a program that has helped many children, including their daughter, lose weight.  Look at the before and after pictures on their site for more information!


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