May 7, 2010

My son is starting his healthy life journey

It all started this week when my wonderful, handsome 10 year old son was at the fitness center.  He was changing in the locker room and other children started making fun of him.  Then one of the bullies thought he had every right to knock my son down with his duffel bag in the locker room.  That kind of behavior can have a lasting affect on a child. 

I am not going to tell you my son's weight, because he doesn't want everyone to know.  I have to respect him because he does have feelings.  I will tell you that he is 5 feet tall.  We are doing a lifestyle change to get healthy, which will help us both lose weight. 

We found a wonderful site that is going to help us.  The site is  We are going to have customized eating plans.  He gets to eat 5 times a day, how amazing is that!  They can also give you customized exercising plans.  It is inexpensive too... less than any adult weight loss plan I have ever seen.  We are just getting started so next week I will be able to tell you a bit more in depth about the meal plan and exercise program.

I will be updating weekly with his weight loss and how he is doing.  I am excited to do this journey with him.  I will also let you know how has helped us. 

The picture below is of M and I in Washington DC        The picture below is of Mom, M and I in Virginia

As you can see, he is a handsome boy, who deserves to have his feeling left intact.  He doesn't deserve to be made fun of.  He doesn't deserve to be pushed around.  I know that his weight is my fault.  I am the one that should have controlled it.  So, now we are on a healthy lifestyle change, and we will be losing weight on our weight loss journey.  I have told him that I will be blogging about his experience, and he is excited.  He says "As long as you don't say anything humiliating, I don't care."

So, how does a Mom tell her son that they need to lose weight.  Well, I wait until the right time.  I never call him names or hurt his feelings, but I do tell him that we need to get healthy.  I asked him "Do you want to be made fun of anymore?"


"What do you want to do about it?"

"I want to start exercising."

"That is an excellent idea.  Do you think we need to start watching what we eat?"


That is about how the conversation went.  He decided to stop drinking soda.  We will give him the gaming system that he wants if he continues until July 4th.  Then he can only play the gaming system for about an hour a day.  We also need to become more active. 

So, if you want to follow my son's healthy lifestyle story, please subscribe or follow me.  We will be making weekly updates.  Do you have a son or daughter that needs to lose weight?  If you do, would you mind letting my son exchange daily emails with your son or daughter so they can encourage each other?

If you have questions for him, or comments, please leave them below. 

Disclaimer: I was given a discount on a plan from   I will only tell you the facts and my truthful opinions during the next 8 weeks following my sons weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. 

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  1. Hi last year my daughters doctor wanted her to lose weight. So I used Trim Kids and I worked well the food isn't expensive either. It's a 12 week plan designed for kids but the whole family can enjoy.