May 30, 2010

My husband broke his ankle

My husband broke his ankle yesterday.  Let me tell you what happened.  He was playing in an all-night softball tourney.  He was playing a game at 4 AM, which I slept through.  My dad came over to tell me, "Roland needs you to call him."
"Why, Dad?"
"He's in the ER."
"Why Dad?"
"He hurt his ankle."
"Thanks for coming over.  Did they win?"
I didn't remember the answer.  That is a conversation that happens after 5 hours of sleep for me.  I went downstairs, tried to wake up my son.  The conversation didn't go much easier with him.  Plus, my mother-in-law was here because it was my son's birthday.  So, we finally get all ready to go to the hospital.

My husband was sliding in to third base.  (Yes, he was safe!)  He hurt, tried to get up, but had a really hard time.  He drove himself to the hospital.  My brother's beat him there and had a wheelchair waiting.  By the time I got there, my brothers had left because they had another softball game to play in.  My husband told me, "I think I broke it.  The only thing I can compare the pain to is when I broke my hip."

End story, he broke his ankle in two spots.  Completely broke the bone in one side with 1/8 inch gap and separated it, and the other side is a fracture.  So, he will have surgery on Thursday if the swelling can go down.

Please pray for him and that we will be able to make it through financially as well.  He is the main bread earner.  He can't work because he is an auto technician.   I hope this will be a quick healing.

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  1. oh no! I am so sorry, I hope he heals quickly!