May 27, 2010

Heads Up! Thonk

I am a seasoned softball and baseball watched.  I have probably been to over 1000 baseball and softball games in my life.  My son plays baseball, as did my three brothers.  My husband, father and brothers have played softball.  Yes, I LOVE watching the game. 

Well, yesterday my husband dropped off the camera so I can take pictures of my son.  He then drives off to play softball with his team.  I am trying to get the camera ready to take a picture of my son practicing on third base, when I hear HEADS UP.  For all you unseasoned baseball or softball people, that means that a ball is coming close to people.  It is also hard to find the ball if you didn't see it coming off the bat, but most of the time people are looking in the direction where the ball is going. I look up, didn't see anyone looking in my direction, try to find where they ball is, then feel it hit my on my forehead.  Instant sting--and wondering if I am going to be alright.  I suffered a concussion in July and they say not to get a second concussion.
The jerk says "We said head's up".  Oh, I wanted to tear him apart!

I thought to myself "Yes, but you didn't point.  You didn't even ask if I was okay!  What a jerk!"  Yes, those are the inner thoughts of a person who has just got hit by a baseball in the forehead and was basically told "It's your fault, we told you the ball was coming." 

So, by now on, if I hear head's up and know where the ball is, I am going to point so people know where it is going.  It is hard to find a ball if  you don't see it come off the bat.  And if it does hit someone, I won't tell them "Hey, its your fault you got hit because we warned you."  Instead, I will find out if they are okay and get them some ice.

Yes I cried, but I had my sunglasses on.   My twin sister got me ice.  She told me the guy who said that was a jerk.  I never got a picture of my son practicing at first base.  My son's team got crushed by 20+ runs.


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