May 29, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday Little Man

Dear M,

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant with you, I have loved you so much.   I can remember laying in bed and watching you move all over my belly.  I can remember talking to you and writing a journal so you would know how much you have always been loved.  

You have always liked your privacy.  You kept your legs crossed so no one could peak until you were 8 months in my belly.  That is when you finally let us know you would be a boy--just enough time to prepare some boy clothes for you. 

I went to my weekly exam on Friday, May 28th, after eating a small portion of Cocoa Puffs, to see what the doctor would tell me this week.  According to the Doctor, you were already one week overdue.  The doctor decided to do another ultrasound to make sure everything was still alright in your nice, cozy womb.  Apparently there was only less than a cup of amniotic fluid surrounding you.

The doctor asked me, "Do you know what is going to happen today?"
"Am I going to have a baby?"
"Yes," he replied, matter of factly, "you are going to have a baby today."

Well, we have always liked to prove people wrong, haven't we little man.  For some odd reason the labor inducing medication didn't quite take like they wanted it to, and about 15 hours later you were born, on May 29th at 4:38 AM. 

I can remember holding you and thinking you were the most perfect human that could have ever been born.  I couldn't imagine how another mother could love her child more than I loved you.  I still cannot imagine how a mother can love her child more, because you, my dear son, are perfect for me. 

You always like to help your friends, or say something kind when they are sad. 
You like to make other people laugh.
You stick up for people that do not stick up for themselves.  I needed a little you when I was in school.
You listen to me.  You understand the word no is a real word and that we can't get everything we want in life unless we work for it.  Even then, there are things we aren't meant to have.
You are my son, but more imporant, you are a Child of God.  I am lucky enough to be raising a boy that will hopefully become a man that knows how important it is to help those around us.

I love you and am glad God gave you to me.  We are perfect for each other.  Even when people hurt your feelings, or make you upset, just remember that God knows what he is doing.

Happy birthday little man!  I always hope and pray that we will have a happy year and will remember to do the things that are right. 

I love you more than you will ever know!


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