May 21, 2010

Garage Sale tomorrow

I keep telling myself that I cannot be the only person in the world that has a house packed full of junk. Well, it is junk to me,maybe not you. Stuff I once thought I NEEDED (but I didn't) and stuff I just don't use anymore. What amazed me is there are things I have only used a handful of times then have never used since.

We have a saying in our house. "Is it going to be the juicer?" My dad spent money on a juicer, and we told him that he would probably only use it once. Well, once was an exaggeration, it is still sitting in the box it was delivered in.

Some of the stuff we are getting rid of us: a computer monitor (about 7 yrs old), Tupperware, several board games, clothes, papers, filing cabinets and Webkinz.

I need to let you know I HATE preparing for garage sales. The garage sale money is going to my twin sister for her security deposit for her new apartment.

Have you ever purchased something that you hardly ever used? Is there stuff you need to get rid of?


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