May 18, 2010

Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

I love traveling and so does my son.  Since he was an infant, he has been on car rides that were an average of 6 hours.  We also flew, but it seems both of us prefer a good car ride anytime over flying.

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Fun Family Vacation Activities
Visit Williamsburg

M has always been a great traveler, unless we go by airplane.  All I need to do to make sure I have a great trip with M is have a GPS (it is much easier so he can see how much longer), a few games for his DS (if he gets bored, we can still keep going) and some snacks.

Five of the most enjoyable things we have done as a family are:

Twin sister, M and I in front of Washington Monument                                                  M posing in Gettysburg
  1.  Washington DC area: Yes, I get very excited about Washington DC because you really only have to pay for transportation to get there and food, but everything else is FREE.  Yes, you can see top notch museums for FREE.  (Don't you love the word free!)  You can even see art galleries for free.  And if you really want to, you can get a free tour of the White House and the Capital Building.  And I have been on a tour of all of the above.  The White House tour was when George W. Bush was still in office and it wasn't what I was expecting.  It was a self guided tour of the rooms.  I guess I was secretly hoping to see the Oval Office or something spectacular like that, perhaps get my picture taken.  And you CANNOT take pictures in the White House or on the grounds.  I always priceline my room for the area and have always got great prices!  
  2. Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Okay, I love the area because you get to see lighthouses.  There is something about me that loves lighthouses.  Plus I lived there a year and a half, so I fell in love with the area.  You can get inexpensive food, peak at the Kennedy Complex and would be within an hour drive of Plymouth, Massachusetts.  There is probably something like that on the West Coast, but for anyone living on the East Coast, you must visit Cape Cod.
  3. Amusement Park-- I prefer Knoebel's Grove in Elysburg, Pennsylvania because my son loves amusement parks, but I don't.  I do not have to pay to get into the park, but it has everything all the other amusement parks have.  Some times you have to pay per ride, but I usually wait until the days where you can get all the rides for the same price.  I also prefer camping when I am going to Knoebel's.  It gets us together as a family without computer or video games distracting us. 
  4. Go to a War of 1812, Revolutionary or Civil War Site: My son loves Gettysburg.  It is great because when he is learning about the Civil War, he can talk about it for hours.  Gettysburg has self tour maps of the battlegrounds, or you can get a tour bus.  I am cheap so I have always opted for the self tour.  I have also watched the movie and seen the panorama of Gettysburg.  It brought me to tears, because of all the lives lost.  And it all started over slaves, which is a part of our history that I am proud to have behind us.  When you are in Gettysburg, there are low cost food options. There is fast food and a grocery store. 
  5. State Parks and National Parks: I live in a part of the country where they are many State Parks close by.  We live close to Letchworth State Park.  However, my son and I have also been to Yosemite and I would like to bring my son to Yellowstone.  The food is usually more expensive at the parks, but there is always an option to bring your own food.  If you like hiking or seeing beautiful scenes, state and national parks is definitely the place to go!
Roland, M and I have been to Walt Disney World.  That was a HUGE bust for us, as M had a terrible time.  He enjoyed the pool at the house we rented more than anything to do with Disney.  

Where are some places you have enjoyed going?  Are there any places you would really like to go?

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