May 13, 2010

Father's Day is coming up soon

Father's Day is coming up soon.  I hope to have some wonderful reviews and giveaways for you for that special man in your life.

My special man is my husband.  He is an Auto Technician by trade and loves playing softball.  He loves anything that makes a lot of noise (air tools, hammers, stereo equipment).  He also likes to play his video games.  He and my son play the PS2, Wii and own a gamecube, although they never play with the gamecube anymore.

This year my husband came out with the unexpected present.  He wants a Sirius Radio.  And I think I may get it for him.... but of course he will have to give me the money to give him his present.

What are some of the gifts your husband, fathers, boyfriends, etc want?  Have any of you been shocked with a gift request for Father's day? 


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